I hate life. 
I strive to be someone in not
The people I claim to be my best friends know nothing but the bullshit lies I tell them. 
I'm unhappy
And deranged. 
I'm bipolar
And attitude prone. 
I'm intelligent but claim different. 
To fit in with the crowed. 
I cry. 
I'm a liar. 
And I do it for no reason. 
I'm currently dating some boy that I met on a website, not to mention I posted fake pics. 
I'm suicidal. 
And I'm fine with it. 
I'm a total **** up. 
Straight F's for as long as I can remember. 
I look at my beautiful family and I feel outcasted. 
I wish to be someone else. 
The chronic headaches I get make me delusional. 
I'm strange. Odd. Twisted. And sick. 
**** I myself. I ******* hate life. 
And I feel I will never be successfull and happy here. 
Which brings me to my question,  why am I here, if I have no purpose?
LostOnesAtBirth LostOnesAtBirth
May 7, 2012