Secret Society Strikes

Men of the world beware.I have uncovered a secret feminine society that is out to dominate the entire world.I am sure many of you believe that something is going on but are not quite sure what.I am here to reveal the entire plot.

I don't know how many of you have read my previous stories and know of my background.To put it in terms we males understand my life was let's PARTY NAKED.Then along came a seemingly harmless lady and some romance(substitute your own term here).

As my relationship(again substitute your own term)developed with this lady I spoke of her here in my stories.A friend I had made here corresponded with me about it.Little did I know what evil plots surrounded me.As the plot began to thicken a second friend began a correspondance.

Yes! Both of these friends were women.People to whom I had told my deepest thoughts too.Under the guise of friendship and caring they watched with secret smiles my total and complete surrender to a woman.They beamed with joy at my admission I was in love.They stood and applauded when I cast aside my old life and shouted to the world I was redeemed and renounced my old ways.Men beware these women are right here at this site.I have their notes and letters admitting they concocted the plot.They have even admitted there is a global network dedicated to this very activity.

At great personal risk to myself I now reveal the name of this organization.

M.E.S.S.It stands for male ensnarement secret society.It's sole purpose is to ensnare men into meaningful relationships with the opposite sex.An entire global network of women so dedicated to this cause is a very real threat gentlemen.

A final thought here as I may not be allowed to ever have another.It is too late for me,however I know there are many of you men out there tettering on the brink.Save yourselves men reveal nothing of your thoughts or motives to anyone of the feminine sex. 

This was written especially for the pleasure of my two wonderful lady friends here.But I hope all of you enjoy it and take it for the spoof it is meant to be. 

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4 Responses Jan 9, 2007

Not all women want to be in a relationship. Don't clump us all in one pile. I enjoy my own company and would like to be single but alas I am not, What was that old movie star (Gloria Swanson, maybe) who said "I vant to be alone".

Oh what a crack up! I love it. As soon as I find out how, I am adding you to my circle of friends. I enjoyed your story for two reasons, the way you write is really funny and interesting and the content is out of this world. Add me to your friends and let me mess with your head...just spoofing lol!

First off, I am in complete agreement with Crystal's response! lol. Secondly, stop being so coy with the audience, M.E.S.S. is intended for "potential " gentlemen, and you are in high reguards w/ M.E.S.S. ( or so I've been told. lol.) Only men of a lesser creed would find it threatening!

"A final thought here as I may not be allowed to ever have another" ROFLMAO!!