Another Convocation of M.e.s.s.


Just the other day I wrote about the global threat of the secret society of M.E.S.S.It has come to my attention that that particular story brought about an immediate convocation of the society.While denials have been issued regarding the meeting it is clear that it was held.Here again I warn you.

You will regress if you mess with MESS

You'll never get inside her dress if you mess with MESS

Yet I digress and I must confess I do truly want to profess that I love those ladies that make up MESS                                     

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2 Responses Jan 12, 2007

MESS indeed! There is no such society. Whoever told you about them - they are a secret, which, er.., doesn't exist of course. Pity really as it sounds like a good idea.<br />
Signed, Not a MESS member.