I Was Molested

I was molested by my brother for the last 4 years, it started when i was 9 and just ended recently like a month ago, im 14 now and i just came out to my family about it, Im so confused about it, he ruinied my whole entire life and all he has to do is counseling, that hurts me, i live every day of my life in fear because of the things he has done to me, not a day goes by where i dont cry or feel sad and depressed and hateful towards myself and my appearance because of the horrible things he used to do to me and forced me to do, i hate my life.... he hurt me every single day sometimes 3 or 4 times a day at the least one time a day if i was lucky and i suffer from it but he is out doing what he wants and having fun and never having to think about it!!!!!! it hurts me so so so so bad :(

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

jesus he did taht to u for years and all he has to do is conselling he should be locked up i no what its like i was molested too just once by my brother when i was like 7 i havent told anyone b4 but i know how it feels i cry every single day and nobody knows just know how strong u are to keep going after that

:( I hope things get better for you.

im so sorry to here that your own brother could do that to you.you needto realize that it is not your fault and that you are beautiful and that you are strong . its good that you let it out.