Victim Of Obsessive Ex Syndrom- Fighting Back!

I Married this guy over 14 years ago.  He was the son a a pastor, I thought he was a good person.  It took getting back from our honeymoon to find he was lying to me about different things.  Then it got worse.  He lost his job due to drugs and took a job in the **** industry without my knowledge. We had two babies together.  When I found out about the **** I left him.  That didnt sit well with him.  He did not want a divorce.  He would tell my parents about things we did together (smoking pot) to try and get back at me. Even after our divorce he wold constantly try to keep contact with my family. When I finally was able to cut that contact off after my father passed away (and he took me to court for the 4th time,) I met someone new and he managed to make friends with all of my new mans family (neices and nephews) and turn them against us!  Now he is taking me to court once again, filing the court with all lies once again. But whats worse is my son no longer wants to go to his fathers house.  Tired of the drugs, alcohol abuse and ****.  So since he thinks Ive turned his son against him he is determined to turn my daughter against me.  It so sad to watch him manipulate them like this.  He says all these horrible things about me to everyone, things that are so untrue.  However this time he has tripped himself up.  I have kept all contact with him via emails and texts, so everything can be traced. I have proof if what I say, and what he says.  I can now prove what a liar and manipulator this guy really is!   We go to court next week, and I plan to nail his *** to the wall this time, I will not be dragged into court every 2 years by the guy, I wont allow him to talk crap about me to my children anylonger. my attorney and I are asking for a psycological evaluation done on him, we want supervised visits until the evaluation comes back and he is deemed safe to be around our children. Which will never happen of course, he is sick.   Ive also taken my son to a councelor who is going to testify as our expert witness that he is in danger being at his fathers home.   And I am DONE beind harassed and abused.  NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dont screw with me....cause Ive finally had ENOUGH!!  There is SO MUCH more...I cannot even begin.

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There are so many women out there just like us, it is unbelievable. I am like you can probably write a book of all the manipulation this creep has done to me, to my family, to my children, anyone, everyone that has some connection to me. From telling ugly stories to co workers about my kids who have mental health issues to stalking and harrassing me non stop for months and then when i report him to the authorities on and off for about a year, finally i get someone to listen at the police station that this man is in fact obsessed with me. This man is white collar criminal and has friends in high places and lots of money to spend to try and make me out to be some low life neglegent mother. Being that he was in the military "Marines" at that, he gets much respect from the court system. He took me to court as an emergency motion to modify and i was served 3 days before court and had no money for an attorney so i asked for more time but the judge didnt allow it. There are so many lies and exagerations as to why he took me to court and of course the lier that he is and being that i had no attorney i was railroaded, gave us both joint custody, took all my child support away, and ordered both of us to undergo a psychological evaluation. I am ready to go forward with this test because i know i am not psychotic and mentally crazy like this guy is. "Not yet anyways" but i think that is what his intentions are to prove me unfit. I wont let that happen. This man has kidnapped my child when he was 11 months old and because we had no court papers there was nothing i could do. He is a very shaddy internal auditor that worked for a hospital and used to tell me about his "Findings" in different audits he conducted. He likes to brag about all the inside information he was priviledged to seeing. Its like he gets a thrill out of negative situations to the point that it is sick. PESSIMIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! What really scares me is that he talks about how much his dad used to physically and mentally abuse him because he does some really out of the ordinary things that are just down right odd. I dont know what to do or how to protect my child because the court just didnt seem to think he has any issues even though he had enough harrassment to have a warrant for his arrest, but because it was veterans day the day after court they granted him an extra day so he didnt have to spend time in jail on that day since he served our country for 26 yrs and made me look like i was victimizing him by pressing charges on him. It's like i was a trashy scum of the earth compared to this white collar criminal. Then taking all my support away and leaving me and my kids practically starving is so unfair. Does any one know of a group or organization that can help me with this situation, almost every attorney i spoke with seem to think i am up against a challenge because he has hired the biggest lawfirm in Texas. I have never felt this down in my life..........never been so discredited from all the good i have tried to do a single mom trying to make it on my own and give my kids the best possible chance i can offer them with the limited time and resources i have. I need hope for my baby boy 22 months old and scared for him as signs of brainwashing has already begun, from exploitation on facebook to making verbal derrogatory remarks about me to our son. It's such a horrible feeling to go through.

hope your situation has improved.