Seems As Though It Will Never End

I married my EX in 2001 and we were pregnant with our son within a few months. He was very charming then, but by the time I was a few months pregnant he was starting to show his true colors, screaming and calling me names. General talking down to me. I had problems with my pregnancy and was put on bed rest by 18 weeks and this made him very angry saying that I was too lazy to work.  At the time I thought this was just stress talking and I let it go. After our son was born I went back to work and My Ex always got angry that he had to "baby sit" our son while I was at work. Our fighting got worse and worse and I became more and more unhappy and he went out with "his brother" more and more until one day he decided that we were going to have another child because it would fix our problems. I did not agree but after a few months I allowed him to wear me down and we got pregnant with our daughter. After our daughter was born he made me quit my job so that he would not have to spend his time off of work "babysitting" the kids. The fighting started to get out of hand and the name calling was constant. I didn't have a name I was ***** or fat ***** to him. He would slam me against walls or throw me to the ground. I was cooking dinner one night and he and I were actually talking not fighting but my son who was 3 at the time walked in and started crying saying please stop fighting and I realized I had to leave and get my kids into a more stable home. I went back to work and we moved out. Soon after we moved out I was contacted by a woman who told me she had been having an affair with him for some time and that he had also had other women who he was seeing. He moved 2 women into the house with him and began his plot for revenge. Spreading rumors. Calling all the time. Hacking into my e-mail, face book and my space and posting things claiming that he was me. One day he showed up at the kids day care and withdrew them, drove them to my house told me that they were my problem that he didn't believe that they were his kids and he left. I did not hear from him for about 5 weeks and then he called me out of the blue and said he was coming to pick up his kids. I made him take me to court to set up a custody agreement before I allowed him to see them at that that point. He managed to drag the divorce out for 3 more years after that before it was finally done. He remarried within a few months but has still continued. Only 6 months after my divorce was final he filed for full custody of the kids calming that I am an unfit mother and a drug addict. A few months after he filed this he had my kids for the weekend and somehow both of my kids ended up getting facial injuries. My kids wont tell me how. I showed up at the hospital to check on my kids and my ex husband attacked my boy friend (now husband) and myself and in the process my ex ran over my husband with his car. Both of my kids had black eyes and my son required stitches in his cheek.  he was fund guilty of assault and got 1 year of probation. He is still pressing forward with his case to take my kids and his poor wife stands by his side and seems OK with the fact that he wont leave me alone.
zeronyn zeronyn
36-40, F
Aug 17, 2011