4 Kids That I Can't Even See

I got married at the age of 19 because I was pregnant.  The father of my child was only 17.  Within 2 years, I was pregnant with our second child, two years later, #3 and #4 came four years after that.  My husband was always yelling at me, accusing me of cheating, being incompetent, etc.  I thought for a long time that he was right.  After nearly 15 years of marriage, I finally got out, but he held the children basically prisoner, so I couldn't take them with me.  He bullied and intimidated me in court until I finally gave up custody, agreeing to a totally unfair custody arrangement where I never even get to see my kids overnight.  Even giving up all of that, he still uses the children, taking me back to court over frivolous things, using them to spy on me.  He has turned the children that he couldn't turn against me, against my new husband so that they are now trying to break up my new marriage, stating I must love my new husband more than I love them, because I defend him against them.  An example would be when we took the kids to Disneyland, and my son claimed that he was being threatened by my husband, while my husband was holding our baby in one arm and my youngest son in the other and walking away.  I was there and no threats were made, and yet, I was blasted by 3 out of four of my oldest children for defending my husband instead of my son.  He will not allow the children to come with me without a cell phone or GPS device.  He calls my apartment complex, or hotels when I go on vacation.  He is now withholding visitation because I took the kids to Disneyland instead of the beach when I took them on Vacation.  He still tries to control where I live (I can't see my kids without a 3 bedroom home and I can't afford the rent for that).  He uses the children to control my actions, withholding visitation if I do something he doesn't like. 

Blonette Blonette
36-40, F
Sep 9, 2009