My Husband Is Black

I am married to a black man.  Awonderful father and a great husband.  I lived with him and our kids in Alabama, and of course the scare for me was that if we were together people would talk , unfortunatly the race problem is not gone away, not just in the south either.  I had worked in a restaraunt, and was waiting on a white couple that seemed nice enough, some how we disclosed my husbands name and they said "is he mexican?" I said no he is black....they cursed me out  so bad , sad i was going to hell and was white trash.  I told them to leave the restaraunt, i refused to wait on them anymore because they had treated me this way, and the people in the next booth were black too.  i thought they were going to knock the man out.  Anyway this is just one of many stories that i have had to deal with in my life. I am still married and we live in the North now bt he has dealt with predjudice more so up here in the work place than down south .  We just pray for their ignorance and live our lives, dont let anyone steal your joy.
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******** come in all shapes and forms - some just stink worse than others. So sorry you went through that. I come from an ethnically mixed background, as well. I am from New Orleans, originally; I am Spanish Creole, Cajun French, and Irish, but I am light-colored, because I have a blond-haired/blue-eyed Father. But, I can assure you, light coloring provides little relief from bigotry. People can say the nastiest things, when they think they're "safe". Ooh, you just wouldn't believe what all comes out, and who says it! Well, may be you would... Chin up Lovebug; don't let the jerks get you down.

I am so sorry that you have had to put up with that kind of treatment. I am part of a transracial family through adoption. I am blessed that those I am close to don't even see the color differance. Unfortuanately in the community there are occasional stares, and occasional comment...but these are the sad, ignorant people who are missing the blessings of love because they are blinded by hate and misunderstanding. Best wishes, CMR

I look for the day when we are all one nice caramel color - I've seen so many mixed kids and they are gorgeous.

I have come to believe that all people are racist to one extent or another and the only meaningful distinction is between the people who are willing to admit it, examine it, and actively fight it in their own souls - and the people who deny it - frequently the self-described Liberals - who are either too intellectually lazy to think about it or too cowardly to confess. The outliers, the remaining people who are brazenly racist and think it's just fine to be racist, are beneath contempt.

it's bad to know that till now people have a racist mentality. but it's great to have few people like you in the world. be strong! god bless you.