It Might Be Hard to Believe

but I am a victim of prejudice. I am a white Caucasian young female. It is so common but so rarely spoken about that "white people" (as it has so kindly been put) are just as much a victim of prejudice as anyone else.
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Well white opression isn't really a serious issue right now..

omg that's sad

I would really like you to explain that to me. Historically, America is a country that was built by whites for whites. Please make me understand how white people are suffering under any racial oppression.

Prejudice is not only about race or colour. It is about people taking a dislike to you because you appear as a threat to them if you ask questions about accountability which they don't want to answer.

I'm a mixed breed my mother is spanish & indian my father is white and I too have been the victim of prejudice. I understand where you are coming from Now before I go on just know I am in no way shape or form prejudice of any race but I have come across a few black ppl that act very prejudice towards white ppl I have been called a white *itch a mexican *itch and everything else under the sun I feel like prejudice on that part is from black ppl growing up with racist parents who believe that white ppl owe them something for all the suffering their ancestors went through or themselves. I'm not attacking them here or anyone for that matter but if you think about it every race in america has dealt with some type of prejudice from another race at one point in time. It's sad that in this day and age ppl still have to deal with prejudice.