Predujice, My View.

Judging people by their outside is like a judge and jury convicting you without even so much as a glance at your case, or even listening to your argument. Is it really fair to hand out a sentence and slaughter someones integrity, emotions and life just because you think you can, beacuse you think you have the right, just because you are too lazy to take another look? Of course it isn't fair, infact it's an injustice. No one enjoys being a victim of prejudice and yet you'll find that almost everyone is. You know why that is? It's because society sucks, life is unfair and people are cold and selfish. But if you are a victim of prejudice you would probobally find that the person labelling you is a sad, pathetic lowlife who is alone and desperate for acknowledgment so HA!!
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Unfortunately in some cases it is not who they are but what they can do. Criminal charges and being fired from a job of 20 years in a recession where my experience is made basically useless really hurts.

Life is unfair and people can be mean. The world is what you make of it. Where I grew up, it was a big place for the KKK. I remember hearing about their marches. The one that sticks out in my head is where they were walking down the streets doing their constitutional right. Then some African Americans started throwing stones at them. The KKK would stand there getting hit and say see how bad they are. Look at this. I remember thinking that if no one showed up or paid attention, the KKK would just die out.