Since I Move Back to Canada

I grew up in a very small village north of Brockville where everyone knew everyone.  I move to New York State when I was in my late teens to finish school.  I ended up getting married and stayed there for 30 years.  After 9 11 happened I just wanted to come back to Canada where as a child I always felt safe.  My kids were all married and on there own, and my marriage was over.  So when I started dating this man from the Toronto area I jumped at the chance to move back.  I had started working and the 2nd day on the job the supervisor called me in his office and said I didn't fit in that I was to old and he was letting me go.  I was only 49 years old at the time.

My husband's father has said to my face that the people who died on 9 11 got what they deserved.  I was so upset that anyone could be so nasty I walled out and have not talked to him since and it has been 3 years.

My husband's aunt who is 80 has called me a Yankee pig and to go back no one wants me here.  ( she has said that 2 times to me )  The only reason I have not hit here is because I don't want to dirty my hands and I don't want to go to jail.

I work with a girl who is from the mid east and I have gone out of my way to be nice to her and in return she makes fun on me and is all the time telling me I don't belong in Canada.  I WAS BORN HERE so why don't I belong here.

I am now on antidepressants and just holding on to want is left of my love for my country.  Thank god for my new husband who loves me so much because if wasn't for him I would be running back to the States with my tail between my legs.

What happened to my homeland why am I hated so much just because I talk like a New Yorker.

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are you from Mallorytown?

I am so sorry. On behalf of all Canadians who aren't like that and in sadness of the far too many who are.

Im am very sorry to hear this. But people will be people rude,nasty were human it happens but don't get too upset .I will pray for you so you won't be depressed , we all need God in our life. He is our happiness i'm telling you this because i was once VERY depressed and was in the point of suicide. God healed my wounds , just ask your heavenly Father to do the same .Have Faith !! He is alive !!! I will pray for you ,God WILL work in your life.

That's horrible. I really feel for you and I'm glad you have your husbands' love and support. I imagine that alone it must be even worse. And also you must remember that it's not your problem they're ignorant and close-minded. <br />
My experience with Canadians usually could not be more different, but I guess there are silly people all over the world, unfortunately.<br />
Hold on and ignore them :)

Look at the way the US has treated the global community, including its neighbor to the north. Your New York accent just solidifies everything they hate about their perceptions of the USA.. We are despised in most places, thanks mostly to the last eight years....<br />
Hang in there. hold your ground. be yourself...

Thats ...........words can't come out of my mouth.<br />
You belong where you want to be!<br />
Its twisted up......I mean you were born and lived there until you were in your teens! As I am concern you are a Canadia!<br />
I am from the state of Ct and moved to NC; where people talk different and its hard to understand them sometimes.<br />
I do miss the "yankee" way of life.

Its been a year since you posted this, have things improved?

That horrible, some people are just mean. I hope that your situation improves.