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My first experience was at the hands of mt babysitter. It started when i was around 8yrs old. He was a family friend and offered to babysit so my mum could work and enjoy a bit of time to herself. He groomed myself and my sisters in the usual way with sweets, gifts, trips out and other stuff. I remember the first time we were play fighting and his hand foynd its way up my skirt. I wore pants from then on. It is instinct to know what is right and wrong. It never stopped him though. He would have us sit on his lap so his hand coyld creep to places a adults hand should never be. When i realised that he was doing the same to my sisters i tried to make myself more appealing to him in a bid to protect them. Whats disgusting is that he was my first kiss. He taught me the "french kiss". His was the first penis i touched. Thankfully my mother realised that her children were in danger and as far as i know due to young age, blocked memories and protection for us i believe justice was served. It did shape me in a way but it has also made me stronger as i know how to love truly and i am protective of those i care for. But for a while i was a wreck. I couldnt trust or get close to anyone without fear of being hurt. This is not my first experience. The rest will come soon.
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sounds like you smarter, and stronger now,,,