Behind My Smile

Behind every smile is a story an most people write books about their life I want to share with you my struggle, pain and tears it all started when I was 4 years old my mom met this guy named byron i though he was cool cuz at first he was there since my real dad left when i was 2 so he was there i started to call him dad i thought he was everything boy i was wrong cuz he moved moved in an my mom started working well one day she went to work an he call me down stairs an i came i ced u need me daddy an he ced come here an i came he ced follow me an i did but he went into the bathroom an i stoped at the door an he ced come in an i didnt so he ced listen to your daddy an i came in an he shut the door an ced take ofg your clothes an i ced y daddy he ced my mom told him to look at something an i am so i took them off then he pulled his pants off an ced bend over i ced y he ced listen to me an i did an he anal raped me everytime i move he hit meand i told him it hurts he ignored an i started screaming an he hit me an still i ced stop daddy it hurt he covered my mouth whn it was.over he took me to my room an put me in the bed i stayed there tile he left when he left i got in the corner scared in pain rocking back an forward then my mom came home only to find me in my room rocking back and forward an she asked me wats wrong i couldnt talk i was still in massive pain the only thing i could was it hurt he hurt me mommy y he hurt me she gave me a hug an left then he came in my room an ced if u tell i will kill u an i didnt so it became a daily routine but my mom had me tested they didnt find.anything so it went on for a long time untile 2002 the year my grand my died follow up on my next story i have get myself back together
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Did he *** inside your butt?

Let's work on the grammar here like said instead on ced

dark angel indeed. Your stories that I am reading are really making me believe in your strength even more.

oh darling.. this s so horrible! you dont deserve this! ;'(

I thought he was differnt

sweetie.. mean people always find a shortcut into a kind heart

It took alot for me to say this plez dont judge cuz it gets worse an to this day my mom doesnt no

): I know it's scary. But you have to tell your mother. You are a strong person and this needs to be told. I wish you luck and hope for the best.