Part 2

Part 2 family b the one to use u is next on my other stores next part ima go back before my grandma died my annie met this guy name billy my other story love is blind has something to do with this story like i ced in love is blind its true love is blind an it will take over your mind wat u think is love it's truly not you need to elevate in fine these are the questions I asked wat type of love from ya man were he black ya eye wat type of love from ya man where he didnt care if u died wat type of love from a nigga u wish he would die i asked those and I did not get a answer growing up i saw hip fight push her down stairs she left him I couldn't believe she came back because he said he misses his kids it got worse he put her in the hospital she almost died but she lived and went back to him I didn't even know him and I hated him I didn't even know him and I'd kill him myself I had dreams of killing his I wanted to kill him so bad I could
taste it untile he beat her we moved an she took him back he moved In an one day it was just him an me at.home by then I was 13 an he came in my room an I yelled get out he didnt he sat on my bed an told me i no u hate me and I said you got that right then he put his hands on my leg an ced u gt a nice body and I said get out he Heald me dwn an raped me an told my if i ced anything he would hurt my aunt an i didnt I stayed quiet until now follow my next story
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really sad story. but let it all out...

Makes me even more sure that you are a strong person. You have been victimized for a long time. Now that you are older you have even more power to make sure these things do not happen to you any more.