Part 3 Y Come Back

After that happen in part two i hated him more each day it day he hit aunt an her face was bleeding she left him but he start buying here gifts but it wasnt worth the pain he caused had 2 kids by him how could he tell her he love her an dont give f**** if she dead but that night happend again an it became a daily routen i but i told my aunt wat he did she called me a lier thn i though she is blinded bt still i as wat from a nigga make you cry then he told me to stay out of his life i ask jow could u beat the mother of yo kids had the nerve to come to my grandma funeral i wanted to hurt him so bad i had the chance to kill him but my cousin walked in all i no is for its not over if c him slip he gone
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Looking forward to reading it.

Follow up on part 4 im almost there