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Poor Excuse For A 'man'

I just turned 17 and I was dating the best guy in the world. My ex called me up because we were still cool with each other. He asked if I wanted to run down the street for lunch. I agreed and we went. After we went back to his house but as I was leaving he dragged me down stairs into the basement. He insisted on giving me a back rub but I really just wanted to go home. He flipped me on my stomach (take in consideration I'm 4'11" and 120 lbs, he's a big guy) rips off my shirt and bra and rubs my back. At this time I'm freaking out telling him I want to go home. He then flips me on my back and rips my pants off and sits on me so I can't get up. He rips my legs apart and tries having oral sex with me bit I used every bit of energy I had to keep my legs closed. He got pissed and laid on me and continued to rape me. It only lasted about 10minutes bit it felt like an eternity. Once he finished he got up, cleaned himself and threw a blanket at me and told me to clean up. I got dressed and immediately drove home. Never thought of going to the hospital, but I should have. The police did absolutely nothing because I had no evidence. When I told my boyfriend he obviously didn't believe it. But after 2 years, today were still together and were 100% happy. He's my reason to live, my guardian angel.
standbyme33 standbyme33 18-21, F 4 Responses Jun 22, 2012

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One thing to think about, this amazing boyfriend didn't believe you. Don't count on him when you need help. Your account of what happened sounds very believable to me. Some men feel you owe them sex if you're their girlfriend and feel they can take it when they want.

For your credit you're not still with the ex so hopefully a bright future ahead. But he should have believed you and the fact he doesn't would concern me if I were you.

If your boyfriend didn't believe you, then why bother staying with him, relationships are built on trust, i maybe young but i have made a lot of mistakes in the past that prove that my advice is right. Why didn't he believe you? He has no right to think that you would make up a story about rape

your bf should've believed you, but that isn't too bad. that man is a horrible piece of scum

He was a nasty man and god will make shor but he pays.