I was raped a few years ago although I thought that until a few weeks ago that the trauma and brutality of the rape I had dealt with.

I have been told by my doctor that my emotional state is not the best at the moment due to having to many triggers in a short space of time. Like seeing a few films that have fairly violent rape scenes in them and going out drinking heavily which I have not done to that extent since and also starting another job there by causing myself to feel vulnerable.

My doctor said that I should call a professional as I can't seem to stop getting overly emotional and crying over the littlest things but to be honest I really don't want to do this. I have had help from the professionals since I was 10 due to the child abuse I suffered. The question is will my emotional state sort itself out over time?
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Thank you humanlion, I think ur right thank u for the advise :-)

Yes my dear it will definitely sort out with time. In the mean time seek the company of a dear one, someone who is gentle and kind, and won't mind your setbacks. By setbacks I mean, when the past gets to you and you get all harsh and stuff like that.