A Satanic Marriage... Only Part Of The Abuse I Endored

upon the alter i am forced to lay
tied down with chains and ropes
mouth gagged
robe i was forced to wear is forced untied
i tried to not it good though they are forced to cut it
not thrilled they are i can tell
a brother stands before the alter and kneels

the smell of the fire and incense is obscure
it dilutes my senses and gets me high
burns my eyes and makes them tear
burning wax poured onto my chest
from my neck to my below my belly button
then the have it peeled off

a cats blood spilled above me
this poor creature that has to die because of their cruelty
blood pours on me in the form of a satanic pentacle
another animal used to cover me in blood
my brother slices a hand 
blood into a cup it goes
my hand sliced for my own to add to cup

placed in fire to boil
forced to drink
bound together in chains
brother on top of brother
the pain is great 
forced bondage and blood

forced to violate the smallest
forced to be bonded by darkness and blood
forced into fire
i am forced into the satanic marriage of blood and oath

he is not forced to take my innocence
he loves it and i know it
bound by chains that hurt me
they don't hurt him
he's intended to hurt me

done and gone my soul is empty
i feel the pain and hear them but cannot answer
he forced me to drink from the cup
slice me hand and licks the wound

i am forced to turn around and stand
lashed and beaten till blood runs
he lays upon the alter
my back burning like hell fire
i am forced on top and told to go
i try to but can't pain stop me
i am angering the horned master

chanting louder and louder
the authority figures goes behind me
of blood for blood more blood spilled
the knife slashes my neck
his tongue laps up the blood as he grabs my waste
i hear chanting get louder
For the horned master he says
offering up two princes to the power
he rubs my back as pain jolts through me body and i cry out
the blood brother husband hits a face

the pain from my back and from the authority raping my soul is bad enough to try to block out but being forced to love your brother whom is bonded in blood hurts worse

Satanic blood marriage 
bonded by chains in darkness
bound by blood
consecrated by blood sweat tears and forced love
offered our souls to devils
upon an alter running with my blood and tears
this horned beast master can't touch the blue eyed prince
beaten and tortured raped and nearly killed
sacrificed to him
the beast made his marriage gift

blood for blood
pain of pain
chain by chain
cut, gashed, burnt, beat, whipped, bloody 
rubs my bad while on top of darkness 
married in blood names written in fire

you come to destroy this blue eyed dark prince
you can't win nor succeed
i hate you as ever
you stole my brother from me
sacrificed him for the power
he is now dead inside
its only the second night and his last
i am to die
yet i am spared
****** over more so than ever
15 and blood married to my brother
16 blood bonded and married to my enemy ex friend
forced to marry the dark
yet struggling to live in light now
woundeddragon woundeddragon
18-21, M
2 Responses May 21, 2012

I am so sorry. I'm so very sorry.

i think this is a real experience look my stories i been through the same for real if u like to talk with me pm me i tell u what i went though honey hugs to u alwaysxx