Broken And Confused

i have just broken of with someone who from the start was verbelly abusive and easily angered , he would call me all sorts of discusting names and yell and be little me in front of his mates and my daughter and some of my younger family members . i would jusy cry and ask him what is wrong with . i started sticking up fpr my self and the arguments and name calling go worse. i have asked him to leave several times he never goes and everything goes back to normal for a while till the next blow up. i have had to stay in the spare room as i have had to find somewhere to stay and get all my stuff out as he has tried to lock me out all ready. i just sit in my room hopin he will just leave me alone , hr has been goin through my things . and was drinking with  his mate last and i knew it was going to turn bad. he kept comming into my room and started yelling at me and calling me names and just bullying me as i had no one stick up for me , his mate said nothing. i had to get my brother to come around so i could go back inside to get my stuff and stay somewhere , i am so lost and i dont no what to do or where to go , or who to talk to
mellyr mellyr
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

You are going to be ok. it isn't you, it is him. it isn't your fault. things seem so scary now, but you will find a way out soon. just turn your focus to getting out. go stay with your brother, your parents, friends, anyone to get away and be strong again. i know you can do this. every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around....

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its so hard i know my dad was the same way to me and hes family so i ended up leaving and moving with a bf who is a controlling ******* and i think he does **** behind my back anyways what he does to u is so terrible i wish i could have been there for u i really do i would have hit him over the head with something how do people do that i walk the world alone myself hoping people will leave me alone and looking for someone who isn't cold but its so hard we deserve happiness and we have to take these people out of our lives somehow for those of us who cry ourselves to sleep every night hating who we r sleeping beside and so on we must realize we cant let life pass us by we cant waste any time at all we need to make ourselves happy because in an instant we could leave this earth and we dont know when thats going to happen