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My step dad is crazy. Literally. He was in a war and has a lot of pyshcologic(sp?) problems. So he's easily irritated. But lately he's been screaming at us more lately. There was even this huge incident where he yelled at me that I was lazy because I was avoiding social contact (I have social phobia). It hurt me so much that I starting crying which I never do. Ever. Much less in front of other people. My step dad is the only person who has ever made me cry. And even though he used to make me laugh the hardest that isn't worth being around him anymore.
He gets real anal about having respect that how everyone disrespects him and under minds him around here. I want to just say "well then leave!" so bad. But it's taken my mother forever to find someone that she loves and I want her to have every happiness possible. I can't take that from her. I don't know what to do. I can't live with him anymore. But I can't force him and my mother apart causing more pain for others.
Please, please, please advise!!!!!
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have you told your mother yet?<br />
trust me ik know how it feels <br />
before my parents devorce my dad would do that kind of stuffs to me and my mom<br />
and he still does it to me on visitation.<br />
but maybe you should ask him why he gets upset . you should also suggest to him or your mom that he should go to counciling. but if he is yelling at you just speak calmly and try not to raise your voice. i know it is hard but it helps. also you should also think about coucaling it is really good for venting and getting good and wise feed back. it helped me alot :)<br />
best wishes, M