I admit I've only been in a handful of serious relationships, but in every one of them, I've been called names, yelled at, insulted, or just plain disrespected.  I've been married for 22 years to a man who's called me a ***** or a ******* **** any time I don't agree with him.  Anytime I express my own opinion, I'm accused of arguing and, if I try to discuss it, he throws up his arms, shouts at me, & walks away.  He will not give me the time of day when I feel like talking and, if I persist in trying to talk, he becomes enraged and the name calling starts.  It was a little different with my first husband 30 years ago, but I could not have my own opinions with him, either.  If I wouldn't do what he asked, he would throw things - he once pelted me with a dozen raw eggs.  Standing up for myself just makes it worse.  It was terrible when my daughter was a kid & living at home.  I knew I was a role model & I was always afraid she would grow up to think it's normal for women to be walked all over.  She didn't, thank God.
Men have no respect for womanhood in today's society.  I hate it!
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This is the stuff I'm going through. I've only been married 3 months and just don't know how long I can allow myself to feel this way. I used to be a strong women, a single parent of 5 children that needed nothing from anyone. I find myself so depressed I can't deal with my children. I am just not okay! I have become a stay at home mom over the past year and am depedant on him financially. I just don't know what to do. :-(