My Father

I can't leave because I have no money. I live in tension.
Ste11aeres Ste11aeres
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3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

I'm afraid of my father. I wish I was old enough to leave. I'm only 15. I'm so sorry for you :,( know that you are in my prayers.

Thank you.

I totally understand and am in the same position.If I were wealthy, I'd put together an ecovilliage and carefully invite decent innocent women who are trapped by abuse. They would live there who have no money to stay in earthen built shelters till they get on their feet or to live in a community. It would be a spiritually ba<x>sed motive.It just takes money for land.

i'm in a similar position and am also in therapy right now cuz at times..i feel as tho i can no longer tolerate it. it is so frustrating and depressing. i understand your dilemna and pain..believe me..