my fiance told me tonight that i should have picked a better degree so that i would be making more money. The hurt. He says this because my car is old and has been having lots of problems..and we are planning and saving for our wedding which is in like 5 months. He brings up the fact that he has paid for most of our wedding and has picked up the burden of my faults with my car. Because of this i am worthless and should have picked a better degree so that i would have a better job. too me life is not about how much money you make, it is about whether or not you are happy with your life and what you are doing, and that is why i chose what i did for my career path. he obviously is completely opposite in life than me on this, and it makes me sad, because he thinks that just because he has done so much to help me out that i am not grateful for all the things that he has done for me and that i owe him alot when i do land a better paying job in the future. is it just me or is this just not who i should be marrying..if this is what he feels when he is the one i turn to for help. i am far from a materialistic person, but yet because of this he thinks i am ungrateful for what he has done, as if i am suppose to praise him for all that he has done, yet no one has asked him to do so, and further more, isnt that what marriage is all about..through good times and bad..not each is suppose to figure out their own issues in their own. i dont get it.. am i in the wrong?
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Get out now he'll never change. Sorry.

I don't know what to say, but if he can't accept your degree and he's trying to make u feel that u owe him, as long as it isn't constant I think it's ok because all couples have ups and downs but if he's constant about u owing him anything dont be in this position because you r not married and he's already very demanding and u will feel guilty all the time :( so I think it's. time for u to b strong and make him understand that if he really loves u he will be by your side no matter what your degree is, good luck