Words Always Hurt

I have been married to my husband almost 2.years, he is verbally abusive. I am not allowed to ask where hes going or what he is going to do. One time it got physical, he punched me in the head. He tells me to shut up all the time, leave him alone , I'm annoying I'm disgusting , terrible looking. No one will want me or ever love me. All his words hurt and mess my head up that I actually believe him at times. I wish I could find the strength to leave ....
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sounds,like my story my husband is being abusing me for 5 years almost ,he tells me horrible things like piece of **** ,ugly and so much more and threats me with sending me back to my country and taking the kids away from me ,sometimes I stand up to him but things will become worst because he will physically abuse last time he broke my phone and hit me a few times ,I really need help I don't know what to do is hard for me to leave I have 2 kids with him.

Sounds like my story, right down to the "one time, he punched me in the head" bit. My husband, I think, is a bit more subtle. He tells me he loves me, then "jokes" about every fault he knows I take seriously. I just had my 2nd baby by him, and currently, he thinks fat jokes are funny.

Disappointed,I can truly relate.but is not right for him to treat you like his property instead of his wife!you deserve better! you know what you have to do but leaving is so hard.i can tell you have no selfesteem and he robbed u of that...time to do but what you need to do to be happy and safe! U should move on leave him in the past:)

Well he knows how to keep his woman in her place. You got married, you agreed to serve him. Now, Obey.

Habatur ,
First of all I would like to say when you marry someone you need to respect each other... back years ago they took the word OBEY out of marriage vows.and i would appreciate it if you would not post such negative
Worthless comments we are here to help others...not hurt them.

Hi, if you idolize a religion that has been modified by humans, you are a heathen and unworthy of Heaven. Sure your husband is bad too, but I was mistaking you for someone that didnt think religion was a farce since you got married. It is up to you to make your own way to heaven and to disregard your husband's actions as he makes his way to hell. That is what faith is all about.

Since you clearly view religion as a farce, just get a divorce, marriage is insignificant to you anyways in this case.

I am helping, you just want to play the victim, thats a whole other ballgame. So above, I put both views, try and escape from that one.

Habitur ,
Abuse has nothing to do with religion .

I know right, a God that annihilates 90% of life on Earth just because he doesn't like how some people behave is really normal and not abusive at all. It also has nothing to do with religion, after all, its just God.

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