My mom had a boyfriend, whom which moved in with us, and lived with us for years..

I was abused verbally, mentally, and physically. He molested my sister, I saw it happening to her one night, it enraged me. I went to my grandmas, and talked to her. I am now my sisters hero.

He was sentenced to jail for a year.. He served 9 months......

Though what happened to me, remains silenced to my family. Even though it was happening right in front of them..

They were too into my sister at the time, which I fully understand, and am not complaining, to hear me.


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Wow that is so wonderful you brought what was happening to your sister out just wonder why did you not include yourself and your issues?Just remember it is never too late to press charges for abuse.sounds like you need closure and i pray you do find it:)

world is full of *** hole...i m sorry that u meet one...

I'm sorry to hear you had to go through all that...

You need to be heard ... heros have stories too.