I Was Cheated and Victimized Again

The pre-trial hearing for me to get compensated for my financial loss due to the fraud and lies of my daughters cousin was terrible.  This grown 39 year old man came to court with his mommy like a 6 year old being called to the principals office although the summons specifically said not to bring anyone.  I don't know why I didn't think to tell the mediator that I didn't want her in there.  One thing the crooked guy said was his mother had nothing to do with that house so what was she doing there?  He's a wuss.  I have to pay 300 dollars in court fees for nothing.  He does not have to pay me.  The arrangement is that he pays me 50 dollars a week until he pays back only 475 of the 550 that he stole.  I got robbed and cheated and I HAVE TO PAY THE COURT COSTS!!!  It's absolutely ridiculous!!!!

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Jun 2, 2007