I Have A Choice...

I know that some days can be a „war“. The clouds are grey, the heart cries and the soul gets lost...sometimes without reason and it hurts, but I stand up still. I take a moment and look at my past and see who I am and where I am today. Then I look at the mirror and say: Come on!!!!! I put my clothes on, some makeup and brush my hair. I adjust my armor and fill my heart with strength, and my soul with hope.
I walk through the door with another mind. I face the wind with a thick skin. And I smile the sun with another hopeful face. My heart is strong, I walk my path and try not to fall down. I swallow my crying...I keep walking...I face my problems. And I kill my „enemies“...
Yes, I fight for my dreams and goals, for my life. Do I think it's just me who suffers?  No, I am not the only one in this world, each one of us has a cross to carry with. Some people surrender, I don’t. I continue walking walking my field, I battle and I don‘t blame anyone. I can fall down, but I stand up and hold my heart...I walk, I am strong, I am woman who knows what I want and find my happiness.
I have a choice...I am a victor and not a victim. 
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7 Responses Jan 29, 2011

You are wonderfully Princess your attitude is an example for all who wish to live life to it's fullest

Beautifully expressed. Thank you.

All very true and wonderfully stated TEP ... thank you.

Yes you are true inspiration. Exactly the right attitude to take. Not to dwell, but move on to try and meet your dreams. Beautifully written Princess.

Ahem excuse me , I mean victors we are :)

Beautifully written. Warriors we are :)

Another beautiful inspiring story from our Princess of love and hope.You are right ofcourse . it is the only attitude worth having