Vietnam Legacy


It has been thirty-nine years since i returned home from Vietnam.I can remember most everything that i did over there.Except the names of the people i served with.I don't know if this is natural or not.To hear other vets talk they can rattle off the names of all there buddies who were there.Not me!I enlisted in the U.S.M.C. in 1969.I had just turned 17 years old and wanted to serve my country.As soon as i turned 18 i was shipped off to Vietnam.Now as a soldier,it really  didn't matter why i was there as much as it was my duty to be there.I was serving my country!People would ask me, why didn't i go to Canada?I would tell them if it wasn't me they would just send some one else.Just think of all those people who fled to canada and the people who they sent in there place.Some who no doubt didn't make it back.My time in vietnam i saw first hand how Human Nature Sucks.Racism,Cultural Differences,Vice,Drugs,and etc.All this i believe was brought about by all the negativity at home.We were seen as Drug crazed baby killers who went about wiping out whole villages.Our moral support at home was non -existant.All we could feel was disillusionment and despair. What were we fighting for?Many of us took to drugs for escape,others  depression and anxiety .When we returned home there were no Bands playing or Parades.We were told to dress in civies and avoid the main gate if we were leaving the base.The main gate was usually blocked by Anti-war Protestors.When i looked at them all i seen was people who was trying to get there picture in the paper.For years after Vietnam the only way a Vietnam Vet was portrayed in a movie  was either he was on Drugs or he was Crazy.For the longest time i tried to forget  about Vietnam the only thing i forgot is the Names of  my Brothers .This will be my final Post on this subject.I thought these entries would be Theraputic but i was wrong.Semper Fi
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One of the most important lessons that came from 'Nam was that the long hairs and the ratbags should have blamed the politicians who sent the Diggers there. Not the poor bastards who fought bled and died there. You were serving your country best as you knew how! Many members of my family have served in the Military, including my sis's father in Law. He fought on the Kokoda track as a volunteer, Was Bayoneted in the guts in Ambon and still has the scars and the artillery ears. ( He also has a row of gongs...fruit salad in US milspeak... about 2 ft long ) He never talks about it except with his mates (only 2 left alive now) on Anzac Day. Please write down your stories so that the courage, sacrifice and Mateship will never be forgotten. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we shall remember them! Lest we forget! With respect AB

hi brother i no what your saying about theraputic my shrink told me to get it out talk about it but what a lot of crap my granddad was in ww1 he never sead mutch about it he was a kind and gentil man my dad was in w2 corea then shot down in nam mia thats y i went hoping to find him it was a dream of mine thear was a lot of sh#t thear but not all bad thing got worse after but i dont have to tell you little crap holes likebinh dinh nui loi dackto well gona go get a nuther ry and coke so keep your poder dry and your ****** coverd HOOAH

hay i was a canadain who went to tacoma and inlisted at fort lewis in tacoma wash after basisk of to nam bravo comp us rangers the best of times the worst of times

Isn't it just like a Ranger to go see what everyone is running away from.LOL. Glad to see you made it back. Semper Fi.

Sad thing was that I was assigned to the IG's Office and turned over to the branch of the govt. know for dirty tricks. After I got out it took 40 years to get them to start my VA benefits....Kinda screwed up I think.

Hey, Stu.....Welcome Home........E7..Joe L.P. USArmy RVN 1963-1967

Thanks Joe L.P. and welcome home to you .Kudos to you for Three Tours. OoRahh !!

I have trouble remembering my brothers and sisters names. Birthdays are even more vague. It's even difficult to remember my grandchildren's names in the order of their births. I gave my son our family bible lest I forget where I put it...I'm sure I was very forgettable to my shipmates, too.

Sounds like you have the same thing i got CRS (can't remembers hit). LOL