What Did You Tell Your Kids?

I never talked much about Vietnam, with my friends and family. My wife asked about it a few times when we were dating but I never said much. Then, when my daughter was leaving for college, she asked the big question, "did you ever kill anyone?" I didn't know exactly how to respond. I was a translator and codebreaker for the ASA, the army branch of the NSA. We provided intelligence of all sorts about the enemy. Locations movements relative strength, and such  We intercepted all their radio transmissions, translated their messages and passed it along to the top brass who used it to direct bombing and ground missions. Technically I was a non-combatant but we played a vital role in the war. I told my daughter all of this and added that I was very good at my job and knew for a fact that several times the information I gave them in the morning was used to direct combat that night. I told her that I had never killed anybody personal, but I did think that that my work resulted in the deaths of many. Hostile vietnamese, probably a few civilians too and almost certainly a few americans. She asked me how I lived with that. I said It was my job and itwas necessary. I just do..
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Sep 23, 2012