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When I first found this site this morning there was a story posted by someone 46-50 who claimed to be a VN vet. Got me to thinking. Say the guy is 50. That means he was born in 1962. The war ended in 1973, which puts him at no more than 11, 13 when we closed the embassy in 75. What do you think guys, do we have a poser?
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4 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Well, unless he is lying about medals and decorations for personal gain, there is no law against his lying. Though I do wonder why people lie about being veterans. There are a lot of cooler things to pretend to be.

Maybe he meant he is a veterinarian from Vietnam?

yes he is a wanna be,, just like the thousands of seal team 6 liers..if they was in the navy they was once a seal

yep or he is lying about his age bracket here, or lying about just about anything...I have no time for liars..

i know some %%% like that 7th fleet