First In, Last Out

I was with the Army Security Agency and our motto was "first in, last out". The first american killed in the war was a kid named James Davis in 1964, I believe. He was ASA. I was the last one to leave Saigon, six weeks after the ceasefire but two of my guys were still there working as interpretors. One went to Hanoi with the International Peace Keeping task force. The other was out in the bush fascilitating prisoner releases. They spoke the language the best and even though I had volunteered too, I was the section leader and they wouldn't let me go. I really envied those guys.
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The leaders of our country might suck but it is the veterans who were there to protect us who should be honored. Teri. I am honored to know you and thank you for everything you have done to keep our country safe.

I never believed we were there to stop communism, the truth was the war was very good for the economy. I served out of my sense of duty, someone in my family has answered the call since the civil war and Vietnam was just my turn

I have no doubt that is the case but you were still there because you were there thinking your sense of duty was to protect us. It is our leaders that have ulterior motives that really really suck. I am still honored to call you my friend knowing what you have done.

chao ban co khoe khong? ban bau nhieu tuoi toi phai di day toi can thuc hanh ti eng viet xinloi

chao ong, hom ngay toi gioi lam, chi "chillin out". Muon moy chai zou bier. ngoi tieng "later" chao. BTW that was so nice, calling me co. Were you a linguist as well?