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I went to Vietnam and now I hear brothers say. Stop the war talk it gives me the creeps. We saw mama's weep as they buried there son's. Now it's time to teach. So many people believe WAR IS glory and John Wayne but we have seen war hell and how young men died. And felt the pain for war has no gain.

We brag and say Vietnam NEVER AGAIN! But that's a promise we can't
Keep. Not unless we start to teach we need to stand up and preach. On every deaf ear in reach and open eyes that refuse to see. Keep stopping the rich man before they get another greedy itch. Wanting another big home or another fancy car and big boat. And sell their oil and make war toys to get his gold.

Well let the rich bastard work for his gold. And not tag and bag poor men's souls. So brother you say war talk gives you the ******* creeps. For this I'm glad. Maybe now you will help teach.

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3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Welcome Home!!!....That is so true!

That's true and their to stupid to realize there being used.

What are going to teach the world has changed it is no longer asked what you can do for your country it now asks your country to do for you really?