Charlie's Horror ©

We were at a quiet village. We used it more than once for a little R.& R.
The chief and his daughters always treated us nice. His daughters smile always broke the ice. Always fed us and had wine made from rice.

But Charlie ruined it one night. We came back through in two days. We found the village in shambles. And all the people hid in fear and tears.
We found the chief tied to a pole. Forced to watch both daughters rape. Charlie left the girls deboweld and naked. Spreadeagled on the ground to stakes.

The chief asked if we could help him
get revenge. To Charlie's surprise our trap was set. One group of Charlie's left for dead. The chief got his revenge and has his day. These Charlie's will never again rape. We sent them to hell for a date as the chief removed there balls.

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Written by snowlover13 sjs copyright claimed.

Chief asked us if we could help him

169© snowlover13 sjs

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Yes...I remember villages like Dak to and others I can't recall names. I drank this awful :beer" through a straw while the bowl was being refilled as I drank....and the hangover the next day was pure hell....but I went back for more.....

It was probably rice wine. Looked like watered down beer kicked like a mule and a head from hell the next morning

You got that right.....and woke up the next day lying beside the ugliest female in the village.....

Welcome Home.

Yeah grandma mamasun hoping for ticket to the big PX

1966 we had sort of adopted an orphanage there we spent a lot of time and made sure the people, and the kids got what they needed I was even going to adopt a little girl and bring back to the states until I returned friends were going to take care of her andy grandparents.

Early December we were coming out of the jungle when we were stopped by a recon unit, and they called in a bird for us
VC had come though the area and killed everyone in the orpahage there the sisters had been hung upside down and beat to death the little girl I was going to bring home, they equivalent were done to her and a few other amerasia were killed the alike way.

We acted like we were sick and ask to be excused, we were told to wait for a ride back to to Saigon but we went hunting two days later we found the group, we killed one when we hit their camp after watch in we saw that 7 were afraid of the rest.

Two of then had the beads from the nuns one was wearing the necklace I had given the little girl, we turned 6 free and left the other 3 there still alive, and we took all the paper work back with us.

Riki they were as cruel as anything could be.

Oh come on , Chiefs would not o that

Oh yeah. What would you do if you watched your daughters killed that way.
We had been on those gooks trail for 6 days until we stumbled onto that village. The next night they returned for more food and we were in the village waiting.

Dream on I have seen what locals would do to VC if there were not afraid and knew they had protection even i learned a few new tricks from locals.
long live wp

Oh yeah.

We ought to send them all back to Nam on a slow leaky boat.

I agree

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