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Damn Vietnam you were expensive. The reflection on my mind are memories in a mirror. The loss of two cousins and a brother. The cost of a wife that packed her bags. Because of the damn PTSD. The sweet of flashback dream on a cold winter night. Still Dodge the neighborhood hippies that's still around. Knowing I could snap the bastards neck. For his stupid comment and could sleep on it. The Kent State cousin I wanted to kill. After he spit on me calling baby killer. And after 43 years we still don't speak. Written by snowlover13 sjs copyright claimed.

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Written by snowlover13 sjs copyright claimed
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4 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Welcome Home!!!....yes it was expensive....I lost a brother....he isn't dead...Never went into the military....After I put him through college, he will not speak to me since 1972. He shook my hand at Mama's funeral and when Cheryl died, he was too busy to attend the funeral...

Ive got a family member that way to. I went to Nam he was at Kent State at time of shooting.

I think that's why I drove my own truck 25 years.

You are not alone brother

cost was way to high
just a few hours ago i was walking down the street and a truck backfired i just saw the flash and heard a noise and i hit the ground and rol and drew a weapon just incase it was VC the flash was just that fast and then over

Thats all it takes even the flight of a chopper or smell of rain and eyes seek things long past.