Daughter Of A Vietnam Veteran

My father Donald "Hoss" Caldwell better known as "Doc Hoss" passed August 7th 2012. My dad was in my eyes the most amazing man in the world. He flew Dust Off in Vietnam. When he told me the stories he sounded like such a hero. But behind his eyes there was the horror of what he had seen.
Fate messed with his mind and took his crew and not him. One good thing came out of this , and one bad. As he said I was the good thing cause if not for that faithful day i wouldn't be here. But his guilt, pain, night terrors and all the evil dark things that creep in the night came to haunt his every waking and sleeping moment .
I can't really type anymore right now. I'ts still so fresh. But I will be telling more stories of my daddy soon. I just hope i have found the right people to tell them to.

Thank you all for you sacrifice. There are no word to do justice for what you have done for you country.
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I wanted to add you as a friend but could`nt, please add me you will be one of the vets that I talk to.

Yes you have found the right place and we all love your dad and you for caring.

I'm used to the kid part :). And it's an honor coming from any vet to be called a kid. . It's almost like my dad saying hi. I have a (Um i'm not sure what you all call them) gathering for POW/MIA in Florida where there will be a tribute to my dad. And I'm sure I will be called kid many more times lol. Thank you fro your kindness

Nice post !! You seem to be a "kid" that any Vietnam Vet would be proud of. Vietnam 1969 - Central Highlands USAF.... I call you kid only becasue you are my daughters age range..

Thanks so much for sharing and your dad's service and memory will always be
Kept alive here. For a man NEVER DIES UNTIL THERE FORGOTTEN.

And Thank you for your sacrifices for our country. And my dad will never be forgotn. I won't allow it.