I´m a Virgen (wow! I Said It!)

I have NEVER told anyone this. I am extremely delicate when it comes to these kinds of topics. I´m 30 years old and am so confused. My favorite proverb is "Better safe than sorry". There are many many reasons why I have not had a sexual encounter. But just to give the main reason is that I´m damn to shy, embarrased etc etc of it. I can´t even pronounce the word "Virgen" nor "sex" or anything along these lines without turning bright red. Also, I´m so afraid of getting hurt: physically and emotionally (especially physically)

Well, I guess I just told the world my "best" hidden secret. (Although I bet that many of those who know me, know.)

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I was a virgin till 21...and i've been starving for sex or at least intimacy since. If i was a virgin i'd probably be a billionare by now. Waste too much time searching for that drug now a days.

You need some counseling, honey. It sounds like your problem is a lot bigger and deeper than what you've chosen to post. Honestly. If you intend to someday date and be married, you need to work through whatever is causing these feelings/reactions you're having. Get help while you're still young and attractive, please.

hey! <br />
i dont think your alone in being embarrased/shy about it. <br />
i was for a long while. when i got into a relationship (with my current bf) i made him wait 10months (which i realise now is quite a while for a male lol) and he waited and was really good about it. <br />
when the right bloke comes along the right moment will too :) any doubts see a nurse (they are easier to talk to than doctors)

at 56 i am Britain oldist male virgin so what is wrong with saying so be proud yourself .it is some thing to be proud of but in my case .some thing to regret.i went to far.

Saving and preserving yourself like that is a great thing. And it is great that you have put your trust in God who is unchanging unlike people who CAN change and then hurt you.

I will let you in on a secret of mine. I am not a virgin and sometimes I miss sex and sometimes I don't. It's really no big deal. Today we have *********** and a lot of sex entertainment and everybody just puts too much hype into it. Now, I am a born again Christian and God helps me overcome my urges and desires because I used to be very promiscuous and thank God I never had kids out of wedlock or ended with any diseases. But believe me, I know how you must be feeling.

Thanks for your comment Jackie. I totally agree with what you say to the fact that I have saved myself for all this time. The thing is that I am feeling the strong curiosity of what sex is like. I guess I´ll never know. You miss out on things but save (and enjoy) others. One can´t have everything in life.

So what's wrong with being a virgin? At least you don't have worry about any wedlock pregnancies or STD's, for example HIV/AIDS. You're better off saving yourself anyways. You'll get more respect that way, including respect for yourself. Don't listen to ppl if they say you are a square or a prude for not having sex before marriage.