I see it respectful to women when I believe a sacred bond should exist between 2 for intercourse to take place. I am committed not to abuse the beauty of women to fill my desires. There is always a right way to do something and marriage exists for a reason. Being a virgin myself I see it fair to look forward for a girl that is virgin too.

I would respect any girl who lost her virginity and realized later it was wrong and she should have waited until marriage, yet she will never be a marriage candidate for me. However, a girl who lost her virginity because of rape and reserved herself afterwards is someone I would proudly say I wont mind to marry her. Indeed she lost what I value "the most" for any girl yet such a girl should be happy boys as myself still looks at them with pride and they shouldn't think they wont be wanted just for what was forced onto them.
SilverDrachen SilverDrachen
26-30, M
Aug 18, 2014