At the moment, I'm nineteen years old. Next September it shall be twenty years. Still, the most intimate physical gesture I have participated in is hug. I have never been kissed, groped or anything of the like.

This doesn't mean I'm exactly 'pure', as some people might put it. I have participated in cybersex many times, I've even had a few 'regulars' in that aspect. I own sextoys designed for penetration. I watch p*rn. I could go on, but the point is that I am not without needs, and I have no intention to hold myself back just because there is no one at hand every time my horny and whimsical mind demands some action.

There isn't any particular reason why I've never had sex, just that I never had anyone to do it with. In person, I'm way too reserved to ever suggest anything more than friendship, and too suspicious to respond positively if someone approaches me like. Internet has resolved all these problems for me, and has become my only way to contact others sexually.

Never say never, but at the moment it looks pretty much impossible for me to have a special person. That fact doesn't necessarily keep me from expressing my sexuality.

So, in these idle days of summer I have coined a new word for myself and the likes of me. Onlinesexual! All the people who have jobs, busy lives or lives in general, feel free to feel superior. I really have nothing more im portant to do.

Hah hah, "I'm Onlinesexual" I wonder if anyone would join a group like this. XD
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theres nothing rong with that, everyone has needs and you just found another way to satisfy them. i do the same thing. so 2 thumbs up great little story.

Hey my name is Nikki - I work for NBC and we are doing a segment on virgins on one of our nationally syndicated talk show this week! Please call me ASAP if you are interested the number is 888-321-5381. Thank you!

sigh.... atleast you are a woman and have someone to cybersex with :)

I know the feeling :(