I Like It

I love being a virgin. I don't mind being one at all. I feel so, and I know how this sounds. But I feel so clean. It feels great to be untouched actually. So I'm not one to give into temptation at all. I have better things in my life to worry about then whether I will have sex or not.
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I feel you'll know when the time is right and natural

I agree with you about feeling clean as a virgin. Losing my virginity isn't my major concern. I am more worried about never finding love. There are other ways to be intimate with someone besides sex. I think it's more sad to never experience any of those.

well noone can force you to do anything if this makes you happy then thats all that matters you know and some people actually believe sex should be waited until marriage I never really understood why<br />
but I'm a virgin and I feel no shame with it and if anyone tries to judge for just ignore them those people who've had sex and judge virgins usually they think their better than everyone cause they did it.<br />
I usually thought of only having sex Im in love with.I'm kinda mixed with a bad boy and a nice guy.And the decision is yours to make noone can force you to do anything.

if thats how u feel+it makes u happy,then its definately the way2 b.its your body+dont give in2 pressure+just be you

I feel the exact same way you do :)

It was reaction to danielm85948 post, i should have mentoined. Never said people dont have sex without being in love, of course most of them do. I am just saying, being a virgin pretty much equals never being intimate with someone, something that everyone who's in love should be desiring for. I am a virgin too, btw. Sorry if i offended you or anyone else. I should have expressed my opinion in more polite manner, i guess. Oh and I am used to being called a jerk, no problem.

"Even then, you being a virgin means you never been in love. And that kinda suck, dont you think? There is nothing good about being a virgin, get real people."------>Oh my, what an assumption. Please think before you talk, alright? lol.<br />
A lot of people have sex without being "In love" didn't your parents teach you that?. Yes, some people do have sex when they are in love. But most people in this world do not. I have fallen in love before. Once, and only once. Don't assume with me. That's is not polite at all. You must be more respectable then that sir. Also, there is nothing wrong with it. You just assume it's bad. So thank you for making yourself look like a jerk. =D.

Even then, you being a virgin means you never been in love. And that kinda suck, dont you think? There is nothing good about being a virgin, get real people.

good for you ,sex should wait for a loving relationship,so when people lose it,then what,what is so good about losing it ,you lose it for love,i have to lose mine only for love,so i am still waiting,to find her,but then i am the world oldest living male virgin,and i am proud of the fact,as all virgins should be.

Why? There is nothing wrong with it though.<br />
I hate most peoples excuses for not liking to be a virgin.