I Am A 52 Year Old Male Virgin

My situation is not very complicated:

I am not around any women because, since I have mild schizophrenia, I have never worked and even leaving my apartment is extremely stressful.

If  I were to have contact with the opposite sex, they would not be interested in me because I am very unattactive, because of my mental illness, because I am unemployed, because I do not drive a car, and because I do not have much money.

Even if a female were to like me, I would not have sex because of a fear of pregnancy. Even vasectomies ae not 100% effective, and abortion,adoption, and raising a child all are unacceptable options to me. The tremendous guilt of creating a child who, in all likelihood, would inherit my poor genetics and thus would suffer like I have, would make me commit suicide.

If there is a God, why did he have to make me so strongly heterosexual, intelligent, and sensitive? If I were none of those things, life would be so much easier!
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Oct 28, 2010