28 And Virgin

So here I'm ... another weekend spent alone... I moved in this country almost a year and a half ago and I dont have any friends,
I don't know what is wrong with me it just seems people don't call me to hang out.
I avoid social activity, I'm really shy and I feel like I'm the most ugliest and boring girl on the planet so it's partially my fault.
The few people I met and I found interesting moved out so once again I was alone in this city...
The ironic thing is that I'm a 28 years old woman still virgin who apparently is very pretty (since that's what guys tell about me) but then why I never had a relationship???
I dont consider myself as religious, I think i'm just a sick person who cannot make any friends and who keeps this huge secret to herself and tell everyone about her "imaginary boyfriend" in order not to tell the true and fall apart.
I live in my own world where I'm loved and happy but I'm wasting my real life and soon I'll be old and full of regrets.
siletgiu siletgiu
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I'm an old man, so I'm not what you are look for, but I must tell you that your story ripped my heart out. I checked your profile to see if I could learn more about you, and there is nothing there to identify you, but your profile name and your one Experience group. Open up and tell people about you, where you are from, what you like, how you feel (include information from this story and any other stories you may post.), and maybe even what you look like (profile photo). It is very difficult to offer advice to someone you know nothing about. The problem with most advice is that it suggests actions that the advisor would feel comfortable with, but you might not feel comfortable doing. People have different values ba<x>sed on their culture, norms of their society, the experiences they had while growing up, etc. Please don't give up on yourself. My daughter is 36 and has finally found a man at a job she began in January of this year. She feels that she t might be able to make a life with him. She has had very few dates, although she is a very pretty, slender blond. My 30 year old son was married two weeks ago to a girl he met a year ago. He hadn't dated until he met her, and they met in an Internet dating site.

Dear Sliletgiu,<br />
<br />
For every problem there is a cause. You need to find out the cause and then solve it.<br />
<br />
Most people just assume they will meet someone randomly and fall in love etc. It doesn't happen like that most of the times. You have to make an effort for it. I really loved what tk said. Follow their advice. So bottomline is that you have to be more social and allow people to know that you are available and looking.<br />
<br />
Now you are someone who wants a bf so bad and knows that for that you need to go out more. Still you don't go out. What is the cause of this? You say you feel you are the ugliest and most boring person on the planet. This is in fact your basic problem. You need to first love yourself. Otherwise how can you expect someone else to love you? Now firstly I don't think anyone is boring. They might be boring to one kind of person but surely there are others like you who would find you interesting. Secondly, if you think you are ugly then just stop thinking that. Try and fix whatever you think makes you look ugly. Most of the times it's just about finding the right look for yourself. Almost 99% of people look rather normal. And you know what's the best part of not being a super-beatiful?? Only guys who are really into your personality would approach you. Very beautiful girls have guys swarming over them and more often than not, they have a very hard time to find out a genuine guy.<br />
<br />
Just be more confident, go out more and find your soulmate!<br />
<br />
Keep updating with your progress :) Cheers!

You've got to get out there a little bit. Don't tell people you have a boyfriend...that's not going to get you any dates. What country did you move from and where to? Perhaps you're an exotic beauty to the locals and they are all intimidated by you (and aren't going to ask you out if they think you have a boyfriend). Break up with your imaginary boyfriend today and hope for a better tomorrow.

Your not the only one in this boat. I to have to, well for lack of a better term, live a lie. (Nothing like telling a fake sex story to fit in. Truth is most guys do this anyway so I guess I'm not so different.) I don't want to die with out with out expressing that almost everyone else has experienced. My advice for you (and I'd take this with a grain of salt) is to stop telling people that you have a boyfriend. You might as well tell say I don't want you to ask me out on a date.