For Now~

I am a proud virgin :D

I promised myself that I was going to wait to loose it until I am truly in love with someone. Someone that I can see myself being with for awhile. It's really hard sometimes because I am MAJORLY horny 24/7 but I have to wait... I want it to be special for me ^.^
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2 Responses May 4, 2011

Yeah, right???? >.< Stupid hormones.

Ok let me start by saying "I'm not being mean." I understand the idea you have abut how an when you want to lose your virginity. I respect that by all means wait for the right person but dont ba<x>se it on love. All love is, is hormons and chemicals in the brain giving you those feelng and sometimes they can be wrong. wait for the right person that excepts you for who you are and respects you as an individual. But thats just me?