I Am A Virgin Who Makes Music

and i am looking for a singer who makes music and who is a virgin. why am i doing this? because i want to find a person who relates to me, and is willing to do things from a place of kindness. my story is that of a person who has been treated badly because i am a virgin. and i found out that when i met another person who was a virgin, they treated me nice. simple as that. i don't know if our mutual state had anything to do with it, but, the fact is, this person treated me nice. and, naturally i would want to gravitate toward more of that. and also, when people find out you are a virgin, and they are not virgins, they tend to ridicule you. if i had any intentions to go forward in a relationship, or productive venture with a non virgin, something always would come up, where that person would find a way to undermine me. but the fellow virgin that i met, would not do that. would not undermine me.
i am looking for someone who sings. i am on a project, right now, that has the potential to begin a career for all involved.
now...i don't want to be specific, but i have to be. chances are, if you are a virgin, you're not going to undermine another person, or be deceptive with them. that has been my experience, and i would expect that, on this forum, i could say that, without retribution.
the project would give the participants the chance to have their music sold on itunes and other famous sites. the aggregator i am working with is cd baby. yes..we would have to invest money, but the appearance of your music on itunes is a guarantee. what i did was join cd baby, by paying fifteen dollars, and for that price, i was able to upload a song that i wrote, and they distributed it on their site, as well as other sites of my choice. i chose itunes. if fellow virgins on this forum want to check it out, to see if i am telling the truth, please, go right ahead. the aggregator, cd baby, charges per song. now, i believe that they charge sixty dollars. when i joined, it was fifteen. now, i am willing to do the investing, myself, but if my potential partner is willing to invest with me, i would be happy. i would send them proof of my part in the investing, through receipts. the singer would get a share of the royalties, guaranteed. now, an alternative to investing money would be if the singer would promote the song, and mention that it is being sold on itunes and/or cdbaby. mentioning itunes might be more of a way for success, because it is more known. if the singer would perform at nightclubs, or their local church or, wherever, that would be good. i would tell more about this, as soon as i find the singer.
meanwhile, like i said, i am a virgin, and other facets of my life do revolve around me being one. i like my life, as it is, right now, and i am anxious to talk to others who are comfortable with being virgins, too.
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i agree with everything you said, ShadesofBrown. and thanks for replying.

thats cool. i just dont get why some non-virgins look down on virgins thats stupid. im a virgin and im proud to be. i like the fat that im clean and untouched in a way