Does It Count

When I was 4-5 I was at my baby sitters and her daughter was there I think she was 15-16 anyway we closed the blinds and locked the doors because we were expecting people, she then took of her shirt and bra showing her extremely nice **** I'd say a large c or d cup she than took of her pants revealing her tight trimed vagina with a band aid I asked what was wrong with her and who hurt her .she just said don't worry and pulled out the bed from the lounge chair thin I was than told to put my fingers In her than got me to kiss and lick and squeeze her **** as I tried to put penis in her but only got her belly button so she pushed me down and got me to put my penis in her.
I guess I want to know if it counts as I hadn't hit puberty at the time?
Rickclayton Rickclayton
22-25, M
2 Responses Sep 19, 2011

wow i dont know what to say about this. Are you really serious?

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