Words Of Encouragement...

Being a virgin is not a bad thing at all so none of us should be ashamed of our virginity. Sure, everyone else is having sex..but if everyone jumped off the empire state building would u do it too?? lol Whether u are saving it for religious reasons or if it is ur own personal choice, be proud of it because there are a lot of people who regret giving their virginity to the wrong person. I used to be ashamed until I sat down and put some serious thought into why I am a virgin. I am a virgin by choice, and everyone of u has the choice to have sex or not. It is your life and your bodies, u choose who u decide to lose ur virginity to, but choose wisely. I just wanted to give u guys some words of encouragement because no matter what, ur situation could be worse. To any person that reads this, after u read what I wrote I want u to think of the pros that comes with being a virgin...I DARE YOU.
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3 Responses Nov 3, 2011

yeah u right i don't think the same we need it to be meaningful and that will never be if we did it with the wrong person

yea..in America being a virgin=loser but i don't think that's true.

i totally agree with you, even though too many people think it is strange to be. thanks god in my society it is normal.