At 23, Im Still A Virgin.

I have mixed feelings about my virginity. I am glad that I didn't just throw it away to some random guy. But I am also annoyed and embarrassed that I am still a virgin. Basically the main reason that I still am is the complete lack of opportunity. I am not the most outgoing or confident person, and this has lead me to a life of loneliness. I have never once been hit on or asked out. Thus I am still a virgin. I know that this is the 21st century and it is socially acceptable for a female to take the initiative and "make the first move" but due to my lack of self confidence and extreme shyness, I find this utterly impossible. I know that I am never going to just throw it away, I want a relationship first... but I feel awkward even attempting to start a relationship when everyone I know is sexually active and feel like the "freaky virgin". It is intimidating. 
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be happy that ur a virgin!!! its ok if no one hits on u or anything....u are precious by being a virgin till now so that particular person wud be lucky to have u... and also atleast ur not like those bitchess having sex all the time with random ppl.... so be proud! girls are always like that friggin annoying at many stuff........ dont mind them

i m also a virgin btw

I'm also 23 and still a virgin. Not that I choose for it, it's just because nobody wants me. Every time that you pass across a girl or a group of girls, they start making fun of you, or they give you a weird look. Compliments from the other gender, like "you look good" or something else, never had those. I only receive dislike.So what does that do to you, you become depressed and start believing all the bullshit that other people are saying to you. Then you tuck yourself into a corner every time or you don't want to go out anymore, cause everybody thinks you're ugly, and you start to believe that, because it's the only thing you hear.What do they say, seek out love, it's the greatest thing a man can get?If there's none to receive, why bother?

I am 23 and still a virgin and I have never had a serious relationship with any girls and am waiting for the right girl to come along. You should be proud to a virgin cause there is nothing wrong to a be virgin

dont worry its a good thing to remain virgin before marriage.

me too

i can relate! im a virgin too! its good that i haven't had a bad experience with a careless partner, yet i want to feel normal for once, like everyone else.... i want to make someone happy, i want to feel beautiful, i want to be enjoyed, i want to be fulfilled. its both a good and bad thing.

P.s. .. i recently read an article saying that american women, and women of developed nations generally enjoy sex less and less simply because of the pressures and stresses related to it. Women and i'm sure men too in they're own way, stress over if they are sexy physically, if they are sexually dull, or if they are prudish, etc etc ... Bottom line is i would say, is to take your time, chill out and let things flow .... x

I'm 23 soon to be 24, and female too ! I am also, still a virgin. For me, its partly lack of oppertunity and partly me being shy, however, talking to guys online, going out with my friends has given me a boost in confidence. So if i do get asked out next time, and i think the guy is ok, instead of just saying no, i will try and be brave and say yes ! Have more faith in yourself sweety ! xxx

You shouldn't feel pressured or embarrassed. I love sex, I love it because it means something to me because of who ever I have sex with. Just focus on yourself, what makes you feel good and happy, that's what will make you attractive to people. Don't focus on what you lack, I mean this could be an advantage you have on other women, I know lots of guys that would be very turned on at being the one to 'pop' your cherry. It only happens once, it's valuable and special, so be proud and save it for someone who deserves it. It's just a little advice, I hope it helps you feel a little less ebarrased.

well.. i read somewhere ( in my friends room wall) that "virginity is not a dignity, but its lack of opportunity!".. its true about you. nice to meet a girl who is virgin at her age of 23.. especially in this site..! you are sweet dear..

It's good that u dont want to throw ur virginity away on a random guy...keep that fr<x>ame of mind and build up some confidence in yourself. Take pride in what you have cause there are many women your age that wish that they save themselves for the right guy. I am a virgin too and I will be turning 23 soon and I know how u feel. But at the end of the day, I know that I'm doing a great thing in waiting and that I have never had to worry about STD's, unwanted pregnancies, and had my heart broken by a guy that was selfish and only wanted to be with me for sex...stay patient and love yourself for who u are.

take care my friend don't lose it just coz every one around think there is something wrong with u .or u will lose it with someone don't care and don't love u and that will be wrong thing to do u have to be sure who u giving this so special thing to for me i guess he should be the one u will love and be with forever.

I am the same as you, 23 and a virgin. Im just bad at meeting girls, I don't know where to go. I'm not into the idea of meeting drunk girls at bars, as I've been suggested before. I don't want to sleep with random girls, i want a relationship that has potential to be a long one. I feel like I've wasted my years of dorming at college, by going after 1 girl for 3 and a half years, and she turned out to not be worth it at all. <br />
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I also get the feeling of embarrassment, when the issue of sex comes up with my friends I stay quiet, as they've all had sex before and go on and on talking about it. Why do people have to be so open about their sexual history? Why can't they keep it private?<br />
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It's really nothing we should be ashamed of. People care too much about sex, and it's really not important. There are "good guys" like me out there who would love to meet "good girls" like you