Sometimes I Think It Would Be Easier If I Were Gay

women seem to love me as a friend but the second I try to be more than a friend they immediately give me an excuse or a lie. being a decent man is what I was raised to be but it doesn't seem very appreciated in these days at least not by women. however I have spoken too many homosexual men and they told me I would be something very rare and valued. but I'm not gay.
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the right one will come. i promise you that and when she does you will be the happyest lil boy ever and be glad that you waited.

Thanks :)

Being a decent guy and become "more" doesn't work.<br />
<br />
Maybe you try the opposite?

I've tried it just doesn't work plus I'm not gonna lie to myself in these something I'm not

Wanna know a secret?! <br />
<br />
So you know how guys won't date girls that put out to easily? because there's a misconception that she'll give it to anyone? <br />
<br />
Well its the same with girls and love, we want to be special and we want to work for you to love us. I mean you don't want to date a girl with a really loose vagina cause she's been pounded by every guy on the block do you? <br />
<br />
Well girls don't want to date a guy who has such a big heart that every girl on the block has had a piece of. <br />
<br />
Guys want sex<br />
girls want love<br />
but we want you to only love us<br />
like you want us to only have sex with you!!

I know alot of girls that are strictly after sex, youd be surprised how many guys want a real relationship and not just sex. I bet most girls think that cuz they hold some grudge against an old boyfriend or they just watch too much tv.

Well im gay and bi curious guys always want to "experiment" with me :( im not that easy! I wish i could help, but i cant! 0:

you surely are a good guy. the best is yet to come (:

I can see peoples comments on this story for some reason. but if you really have something to say please feel free to message me I'm I am all ears thank you

Ur kind is truly a rare gem, as a woman I dont understand how u have been passed up by others. That to me is crazy, it is so hard to find a good man these days, its nice to no that there r still sum out there