I Never Had Sex With A Woman, Since I Arrived On This Huge Rock Hurling Through Space!

I never had sex with a woman, ever since I arrived on this huge rock hurling through space 52 years ago. I’ve been brought up in a strict family, thus I don’t have much experience with making love with a woman.   Most of my life, I have been sexually inactive, except for mutual ************.  I have had sex with men in the past, but I am definitely more sexually aroused by women than by men.  I could not score with getting women to bed with me.  Every woman I meet becomes just ‘friends’; including the few girls who were attracted to me! It figures that my horoscope is Virgo, which derives from "the virgin".
If given the opportunity, I would like to cuddle, caress, kiss, and make love with a caring and beautiful woman who is willing to guide/teach me; thus breaking the "ice" of this over ½ century long rut!  If she has a dark-side and gets sexually aroused by breaking a man’s virginally, I am the perfect playmate; an attractive, athletic-built, intelligent, 52-year old virgin male.  I appear much younger than my age and innocent looking, but have secret dark-side fantasies for lucky gal to experience.
Cuteguyfun Cuteguyfun
51-55, M
May 6, 2012