Pure But Maybe Not So Innocent

I'm with a girl now that is my everything. I would do anything for her. Or at least try. I have always believed that a persons virginity should remain intact until marriage. But that was before my girlfriend. That was before I had so many restrictions on who I can and can't love. The government says no. That we can't love each other. That we can't wed. so now what? What until our leaders change their mind and accept everyone and who they love? At this rate it will never happen. I love her. I truly do. but how does this effect what I have always believed in? What I have always believed as the right thing to do? I guess that I will find out. We'll see what happens.

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solution for you ... travel to where same sex marriage is legal, get married, go back.... (if you want) and your problem is solved.

I would say ask yourself why you were wanting to wait until marriage to have sex. What goal was being met and symbolized by the marriage? Falling in love? Finding that person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Once you have figured that out if you have already met that goal and just can't legally get married I'd say go ahead and do it since marriage was likely only the symbol of the goal and not the goal itself.

Do what you feel is right :) I wish you the best of luck!!! Fighting :)

Common Law in America.<br />
When the marriage was recorded in the family Bible, signed and dated, the two people were legally married. Why would anyone want to record their marriage at the courthouse? To let the government stick their fingers someplace they don't belong? To charge you for something they have no legal say in?<br />
Find an Ordained Minister.<br />
Get a family Bible.<br />
Do it, record it in the Bible. There, you are now married.<br />
Congratulations, I now pronounce you wife and wife.<br />
<br />
If you are really serious, I know an Ordained Minister in Oregon that will do it for free.

Every sin can be forgiven by Jesus, if you believe in Him as your Saviour!

Why would anyone ever think to marry someone from the same sex? The Lord forbids it.

I agree It's not natural. If it were you wouldn't be going through just saying

My god, what is wrong with you????

People from the same sex can love each other, they have to have the right to marry!

For heaven's sake, do you really think people can control your feelings? If someday you fall in love for someone you're not supposed to, be someone from the same sex, be someone already married, be anything, then you will know what she's going through...

I'm sorry, but i guess I just don't believe in your God...

For me, it was taught that God is love, and wherever there is love, there is God. That simple, really!

And honestly, i really think its pretentious to be someone who claims to hold God's laws.

I tell you this:
If I'm going to Hell for supporting love, i'm sure my Hell is waaaay better than your Heaven.

I'm sorry you feel like that, but you are entitled to your own opinion. The Lord God is the Creator of everything, including you. We are all sinners, but if we believe in Jesus as our Saviour, then God will forgive our sins and we will go to Heaven. A very unpleasant surprise are waiting for you, if you stick to your last sentence. I prayed for you. Lol.

I stand for what i said....

I'd rather suffer for all eternity than to condemn people who love each other.... probably i'm wrong, and probably in the end you and the guy above and maybe jesus himself will look from up above at me and whole bunch of other people like me suffering in hell for all eternity.

well, so be it... At least there we will accept each other for what we trully are, and respect what we trully feel. I really believe jesus is an incredible and remarkable man, but i'm ready to be in opposite sides of afterlife if he does not accept that people just are who they are and love who they love...

@tiengagher2, we were taught by a church minister and religious education classes that the hell that you are thinking of was invented to scare non-believers. If you read the earlier, more origional copies of the Bible, you will find that 'hell' basically means no heaven. It means you won't be rewarded. It's nothing bad. If God created us, he created our genetic makeup, and it is scientifically proven that our sexual attractions are made in our genetic makeup. So do you think God was wrong in creating love between the same sex? Do you think that you know better than God? You don't know enough about your own religion.

You say no one will care about me nor i will care about them...

no one caring about me is fine... But there is no hell in this world that will make me stop caring about other people...

Sasa., what difference does it make if hell means 'No Heaven'. If you are not in Heaven (after death), then you are not with the Lord God ~ if you're not with Jesus, you are excluded from His Godly love ~ if you are excluded from Gods love, you're in hell forever.

djeggo, I like you comment on "'no one' will stop me from caring for other people...."

@2doerver, it certainly does make a difference. After all the pain that I have suffered at only 14, I can assure you that God's love is not with me. So, you're saying hell will be like this? Well, bring it on. I'm bloomin well fine being able to live like this forever. :P

Sasayaku, Sorry to hear suffered something ugly at 14. lol.
Gods love is available to everyone who opens their hearts to Him. I prayed for you.

I'd rather you not pray for me. Dare I say I find it offensive. You know, I was abused, both sexually and physically, and was hurt even more when I said my prayers incorrectly. I used to go to church every day and pray every night. But 'God' never saved me. I already opened my heart to him, and he turned me down. You find that funny, huh? May you burn in 'hell' for all eternity.

Easy there, girl...

Try not to blame god or anyone other than the ones that trully hurt you. I really dont understand this whole god thing (as you have noticed), but i can assure you this:

I'm sure you've seen some horrible people in this world. I guarantee that there are some wonderful people too. I'm really sorry for all the things that you've been through, and I'm even more sorry for not really understanding you,

But well, i guess you will still live enough to see for yourself that this world is really something else...

(I won't pray for you... I will offer my friendship =)

Thanks :)

Fortunately payer is my choice, but I can assure you, Sasa, the problem isn't God's fault. Here I agree with Djeggo.
Evil come from satan and the people who follow his ways. There are so-called churches that are not from God almighty. These people and their priests, works against the Christian followers.

@2doerver, why did 'God' let me suffer? I'm not gonna worship a guy who lets people be constantly harmed, and who says that homosexuality is wrong, yet creates homosexuals. God hasn't devoted his life to us. Why should we devote our lives to him? Ugh, I hate to say this, but I think I hate your 'God'. :(

God is almighty. He can make His decisions. We (Eve) sinned in paradise so the paradise was taken always from us, b/c God hates sin. So I cannot answer your Q. directly, b/c I do not question God's decisions. But I can tell that He send His only begotten son, Jesus to pay for our sins, thus if we believe that (like I do) and in Jesus as our Saviour, then we will receive eternal life. Nowhere in the Bible God promised us a trouble-free or perfect life ON EARTH, but definitely with Him in Heaven. Best wishes.

Ahaha, please don't display your beliefs as facts; I'm afraid I'm a non-believer.

The only thing you have to believe, is that Jesus already paid for your sins.

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What country do you live in? If you live in the US they are making it legal to have same sex marriages in some parts of the country. I don't know where you live, but taking a trip to somewhere that it is legal is always an option. Even if your government doesn't approve or allow it. It is a legal and binding marriage once it is performed. However, if you love her like you say you do, and they don't allow it make a promise to each other, and exchange rings, and vows yourselves so that you know how much you mean to each other, and that to me would be the same, and allow you to go to the next step in the relationship with a clear conscience.

Maybe this sounds harsh, but this isn't a huge problem. I say just do it, and I'd probably say that even if you were dating a male. I've never got the 'wait for marriage' thing. What if you married someone you weren't sexually compatible with? Then what?

well i'mguessin ur a girl wanting to marry another girl n do u live in america coz same sex weddings aren't legal there are they? (tell me if i'm wrong) but just 2 let you no if you cometo england anytime they do somegr8 same sex weddings my bro is gettin married to a guy in december n the weddin they got planned sounds amazing so if u here any time an english weddin miteb a thought ? hope this helps!

What government are you talking about?

You'll do whatever you're going to do...with or without the governments approval, right?<br />
So...go ahead.