Virginity!!! What The Hell!!! Help Needed!!!

I am a Male from South Indian . A land of too many religions (",). I dnt believe much in the sense of virginity cause essentially losing it is more an advantage from the nature's point of view. Yet am still a virgin at 23! Mostly coz i was brought up in a highly orthodox catholic family. First it seemed a sin, but eventually even after understanding the crap abt gods and religions i still couldnt get it done with!!! Also been psychologically molested by people very close to me guess plays a major role. Also i've observed a lot of my companions goin down the drain once they get a gal/guy!!!! Majorly girls though!!! (",) so i gave more of myself into music. Helped me out a lot.

I've always wanted a gal my very own. But logically its mere human stupidity. plus currently i find a guitar more sexy than a gal. If i do c a beautiful gal, she'll only end up in my songs, poems or my paintings. I've  helped a lot of mates into a relationship and also cope the aftermath of a breakup. I can precisely see the reasons behind how they act. All my friends do say i can be an excellent flirt, coz i can practically speak or discuss any topic.. and hell, i dnt even see a gal in her face.... or for that matter anywher else.

Though i know how to repair my psyche i jus dnt c wats the advantage of either being a virgin or otherwise!!! (",) Maybe someone here could give me some options on the actual reasons of being a virgin.

amadello amadello
May 21, 2012